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[standard hand-held tester]
SunSet MTT
모델명 : SunSet MTT
제조사 : Sunrise Telecom


Metropolitan Network Testing : Ethernet Testing , Gigabit Ethernet, Optical Testing, Optical Network

Qualification & Troubleshooting, OTDR, CWDM/ DWDM Testing Access Network Testing : Datacom,
DDS 4-wire, DS3 Transmission Testing, E1 Transmission Testing , GR-303, GSM, HSSI ( High

Speed Serial Interface) , ISDN PRI / BRI, SS7, Loopback Testing


Twisted Pair Qualification & Troubleshooting : AC Voltage / DC Current / DC Voltage, Auto Test,
Background Noise, Capacitance / Capacitive Balance, Impulse Noise, Insertion Loss / Frequency

Response, Isolation Resistance / Loop Resistance, Load Coil Detector, Longitudinal Balance,
NEXT and FEXT, PSD Background Noise/ Signal to Background Noise, Time Domain Reflectometer,
VF TIMSDSL Service Testing