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[Digital Oscilloscopes]
모델명 : TDS3032
제조사 : Tektronix

Tektronix TDS3032 Oscilloscope, Digital: 300MHz,2.5GSa/s,2ch (Stand alone)


 Frequency Range/ Bandwith : 300 MHz 

 Max. Vertical Sensitivity : 10 V/div 

 Min. Vertical Sensitivity : 1 mV/div 

 Number of Channels : 2 CH 

 Record Length : 10,000 pts 

 Sample Rate : 2.5 GSa/s 

 Type (D/A) Digital

The TDS3032 portable Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope offers the tremendous benefits of a DPO delivering a new level of insight that makes dealing with complex signals simple.

The TDS3032 can display, store, and analyze, in real-time three dimensions of signal information: amplitude, time, and distribution of amplitude over time