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[10G SDH/DWDM Analyzer]
모델명 : ONT-50
제조사 : Actrna

1.5Mbps ~ 10.7Gbps까지 테스트
Acterna ONT50 / OSA160 Acterna
- ONT-50 Mainframe Optical Network Tester
- OSA160 Full band DWDM Analyzer module.
- 10G SDH Analyzer module
- Multi-port SDH/SONET analysis - Multi-channel BER Testing up to OC-192/STM-64.

 *장비 구성품
- 10G 3070/90.01
  OC-192/STM-64: 1550nm, all concatenated mapping, error and alarm access.
- OSA 3070/91.03
  Dual input OSA Bandwith 1280 ~1650nm
  fast scan and optical measurement parameters DWDM/OSNR.
-Q-factor meter 3070/92.02
 Q factor meter for fast BER, Data rates from 622M to 10.7G. 622M to 2.5G