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[SDH/Sonet Jitter & Wander Analyzer]
모델명 : SJ300E
제조사 : Textronix


  • Generates and Measures Jitter on SDH/SONET Optical Inputs, up to 622 Mb/s Measures Jitter
  • Generation, Transfer and Tolerance
  • Stores and Executes Test Sequences for Jitter Tolerance and Transfer Testing
  • Detects and Records Jitter Hits
  • Generates and Measures Wander on 1.544 Mb/s and 2.048 MHz Synchronization Signals
  • Generates and Measures Jitter Up to 622 Mb/s
  • Wander Option (Opt. 06) Includes PC Software for Uploading, Calculating and Analyzing Wander Data
  • Data Correlation Method Used to Measure Jitter Transfer Provides Superior Accuracy
  • Measures and Generates Wander on SDH/SONET Lines
  • Tests Conformance to all ANSI, Bellcore and ITU-T Timing Standards CCITT G.958, CCITT G.703, ITU-T G.813 July 95, Bellcore GR-253-CORE (TR-NWT-000253), ANSI T1.101 and ANSI T1.120
  • RS-232 and GPIB Interfaces for Remote Operation
  • Real Time Wander Analysis and Display