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1G to 100G multiservice test module
모델명 : FTBx-88260
제조사 : EXFO

FTBx-88260 - 1G to 100G multiservice test module

·         Integrated CFP/CFP2/CFP4 and QSFP28 interfaces to facilitate the testing of next-generation 100G networks

·         SFP/SFP+ interface to address lower rate signals for added versatility

·         Advanced test functionality to address multiple technologies including OTN, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel, packet sync and CPRI/OBSAI

·         Supports EXFO TFv-Test Function Virtualization, including FTB Anywhere floating licenses and FTB OnDemand time-based licenses for ultimate flexibility

·         100G Ethernet through mode capability for in-line monitoring and troubleshooting of bidirectional Ethernet traffic

·         Compatible with EXFO’s rackmount LTB-8 platform featuring hot-swap capability for lab use and best-in-class 100G port density with up to eight modules running simultaneously

·         Compatible with the compact FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro portable platforms with integrated optical tools and battery capable of running from two to four modules simultaneously

·         Supported by EXFO Multilink, a web-based application for easy multi-user management and remote access

·         Supports quick optical transceiver validation and sanity check using an

·         Intelligent Pluggable Optics test application—iOptics

·         Dual-port Ethernet testing capability up to 100G

·         Wander time error testing

·         CPRI layer-2 link validation for BBU or RRH from 1.2G to 10.1G

·         Real-time high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI

·         EXFO’s innovative Open Transceiver System for swapping in/out different test interfaces on the same module; providing testing flexibility now and ready for future transceivers later (available on the FTBx-88260)